The edging we produce is coming out in the raw, unoxidized state. This means that at the very beginning of its life cycle the surface resembles ordinary black steel. The formation of a rusty orange coating takes somewhere between 2 weeks, up to even 3 months depending on the conditions of the nearest environment and weather.

A corten steel external corner for U-shaped edging connects individual U-shaped edges into one element at a 90-degree angle, allowing the system to be used in winding paths. The installation process is extremely simple, which ensures that you can protect your plants against mechanical damage with very little effort.

Corten is a type of structural, corrosion-resistant steel grade. Due to the appropriately selected chemical additives, a natural layer of rust-coloured patina is created on its surface. The patina consists mostly of copper oxides, which are released upon contact with the air. This coating is very dense, therefore the corrosive reaction is suppressed, as the oxygen does not come into contact with the material directly. Our edgings are the perfect fit for establishing a modern-looking garden or terrace.

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