Frequently Asked Questions

If you encounter any damage during the pick-up of products from a shipping company, the most important thing is to draw up a cargo damage report and photographic documentation of the damage with the driver delivering the products. This documentation should be sent to us at the following e-mail address: Surely our technical department will assess the cause of damage and take steps to solve the issue.

If you happen to notice any damage after the departure of the shipping agent, please proceed as listed above. In the e-mail, please describe what happened, indicate the date of noticing the damage and photographic documentation, as well as your proof of purchase. Our technical department will consider the complaint within 2 weeks, counting from the day of receiving the complaint that contains all the above-mentioned information.

Apart from dozens of standard sizes and types of garden products, we are able to manufacture any project made by an architect or by our customers, as well as customize our standard range to better suit your needs.

In the process of creating a custom product, you can choose from either aluminium or corten steel. Both of these materials are extremely sturdy materials that allow our customs to thrive both outdoors and in. They are built to resist harsh conditions whilst offering a pleasing aesthetic to any interior or exterior space.

See our dedicated page for custom orders if you wish to learn more.

Corten is a high strength, low alloy, weldable structural steel possessing excellent weathering resistance. An appropriate selection of alloying elements causes copper oxides to release on the surface of products made of corten in the form of a thin coating. This coating, however, is completely tight, durable and does not process deeper into the material, thus there is no loss of sheet thickness, and there is no flaking. The coating is of a dark brown appearance and if chipped or damaged, repairs itself to give continuity of protection and appearance.

It is also impossible not to notice its unique appearance. The rusty colour gives the whole garden composition a unique retro climate while emphasizing the natural beauty of green plants and colourful flowers.

Products made of corten steel are resistant to corrosion – RIGHT

It is thanks to a copper chromium alloy  – it displays a greater level of resistance to atmospheric weathering when compared to other unalloyed steels. Its chemical composition enables the early formation of an adhering protective layer of ‘rust’ when exposed to the elements.

The intensity of rusting depends on weather conditions – RIGHT

Corten matures over a period of approximately 36 months. During this time the material changes its colour to golden rust, which is a natural process. However, it does not always proceed in the same way. A lot depends on how much a product will be exposed to UV radiation and water as well as on how polluted the air itself around is.

Products made of corten steel can be used anywhere – NOT RIGHT

It is important to know that corten is relatively heavyweight. When used on balconies and terraces with lighter structures, it can cause deformation or even damage to the surface. Balcony flower planters or other features made of corten can, however, prove their worth in places where the construction is very solid. It should also be noted that water flowing down the planter wall may leave rusty marks.

Products made of corten steel do not require any additional corrosion protection – RIGHT

As has already been mentioned, corten produces the corrosion protection layer itself. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply additional protection, which translates into lower production and maintenance costs.

products made of corten steel placed e.g. on a paving block can cause rust infiltration. Soiling usually occurs during rainfall. This is because the natural patina for products made of this material flows down the walls with the rainwater. That is why we recommend that the surface on which they are to be placed should be properly prepared. You can also place the product on the lawn. In order to avoid marks, you can also place the product in a place where it will not come into contact with rainwater.

Our products made of aluminium are powder coated. Thanks to this method, the surface of aluminium is resistant to harmful weather conditions. The powder coating has a high resistance to UV rays and is very durable. Therefore, it does not lose its colour. However, the layer of colour does not protect the products against mechanical damage.