Custom orders

We provide customized products for the individual needs of customers and businesses. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for pricing on

The ever-changing evolution of trends and fashions, as well as the emergence of new technologies and solutions — all this means that both garden and terrace design has no other choice but to adapt to these revolutions. Our society is now accustomed to a certain standard; nowadays, we receive an offer from which we choose the product that we deem as the most fitting or interesting, but it does not always meet our expectations in 100 percent.

Thankfully, here at Weigela, we tend to think outside the box. We are well aware that each and every design project possess its own specific climate, thus requires an individual touch. Apart from dozens of standard sizes and types of garden products, we are able to manufacture any project made by an architect or by our customers, as well as customize our standard range to better suit your needs.

In the process of creating a custom product, you can choose from either aluminium or corten steel. Both of these materials are extremely sturdy materials that allow our customs to thrive both outdoors and in. They are built to resist harsh conditions whilst offering a pleasing aesthetic to any interior or exterior space.

A step-by-step on how to order a custom product:

  • We cooperate with you throughout the entire process.
  • We will never ask you to pay us a fee to work up a design.
  • We do our very best in order to listen to you and ask questions during the design phase so we can learn how you will use your product.
  • We confirm with you that we have correctly documented the design and all the required technical details.
  • We will prepare a mock-up to review for you – with our commentary. Just to be sure that we’re on the right track.
  • We change the design if you have any comments or reservations to the already existing one.
  • Once that we have your approval of the design and technical data, we confirm the pricing and set an agreed date for completion of the order.
  • At this stage, before starting the production process, we collect an X% non-refundable deposit on any custom order. Payment balance is due upon receiving the finished product.

How soon you receive your order depends on several factors, but the most important is the season and when we receive the order. As a rule, the entire spring and early summer are our busiest seasons. We tell you about how long you will have to wait after we assess your design complexity. Typically, we ask customers to allow up to four to six weeks after we receive a paid deposit before they can expect their order will be ready for pick up or delivery. Please also note that all of our corten steel products, whether they are custom or standard ones are being delivered in an un-rusted state and the weathering process will take about 4-6 months to complete.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, November 24, 2019: the new corten steel viewpoint on Brienenoord island with the river and the city's skyline in the background
This new museum in Leiden is focused on the Human body, Corpus Leiden.
Horizontal render interior showing a close up of a dining table and chairs, wall empty for copy space. designer template